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Fists in Solidarity


For Union County to prosper long into the future, all of us must be considered and given every opportunity to succeed. Long held stigmas towards those in need of assistance should be be reconsidered. So often, those in need of help are viewed in a negative light when they can just as well be viewed as an inspiration for the struggles they endure. Read below to see how members of our community utilize assistance resources in order to strive for a better future.

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Michael is a former General Contractor, having built homes in the Lake Tahoe Basin area. Like so many others, Michael's livelihood took a drastic turn for the worse during the housing market crash in 2008. Being out of work for four years, he lost most of his possessions, along with over $20k worth of tools. At 61, Michael no longer wishes to begin a new business, but thanks to a rehabilitation program, he's now completed a semester of college toward a degree in agriculture.

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